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Meet the Current Members of Ink 4 Kidz

Ryan Goodman | Hello, my name is Ryan

and I was born and raised right here in Phoenix,

Arizona. I am currently a Senior at Phoenix Country

Day School, a school that I have been at since I was

four years old. Having lived in Phoenix for my whole

life, being able to give back to the community is a

privilege for me. When I first joined Ink 4 Kidz, I

felt honored to be able to help children from

underfunded schools from around the valley. Ink 4

Kidz has helped thousands of Phoenix kids learn

and grow, and I am very proud to have made an

impact on these kids’ lives. 


Nirvaan Reddy | Hi, I am Nirvaan Reddy,

and I am a Senior at Phoenix Country Day School. I

was born in Yuma, Arizona, and moved to Phoenix

when I was nine. In Yuma, I saw firsthand many

of the children at my school struggling to own the

basic school supplies. When I moved to Phoenix, I

realized that children here struggled with the

same problems that those in Yuma faced. I joined

Ink 4 Kidz in 2016 because I wanted to make a

difference in my community. I am privileged to be a

part of Ink 4 Kidz. 

 Jake Sarver | Hello, my name is Jake Sarver and I was born in San Diego then moved to Phoenix when I was 6 years old. I have attended Phoenix Country Day School ever since and I am currently a Senior. I have always had the privilege of attending a great school, and I joined Ink 4 Kidz because I believe that now it is now my time to return the favor. Making a significant impact for others’ education will be huge, and I am willing to make a difference for anyone in any way. I believe Ink 4 Kidz is the perfect way to do it.